SOUTHERN LIGHTS – Stockholm Design Week 2020

Origin will exhibit its full collection and launch new products at ASPLUND Store with an exhibition titled “Southern Lights” from 4 to 8 February 2020, during Stockholm Design Week 2020. The collection is a result of strong friendships and collaboration between Northern and Southern Europe, or more precisely, between Scandinavia and Portugal. The brand has collaborated with 7 Scandinavian designers, 7 Portugal-based designers, 4 international designers and 10 craftsmen/workshops to realize 18 projects over 2 years.

This year, we are launching 9 projects from 9 new designers and 4 new craftsmen, introducing new materials like porcelain, sandcast aluminium, pig’s bristle and mouth-blown glass. These products will be displayed at ASPLUND Store during Stockholm Design Week and will be for sale later during the winter. At the same time, ASPLUND is also launching a new carpet; Aurora, designed by Singapore and Porto-based Gabriel Tan, creative director of Origin, to mark the start of the collaboration between Origin and ASPLUND. 

About Origin

Origin curates and produces a line of contemporary objects by bringing designers and artisans together. We invite our designers to Portugal once a year to work with local craftsmen and visit ateliers in different towns, sharing a house and meals together. All of our objects are completely or partially handmade. We work with both individual craftsmen as well as small factories to realize our designs in numbered editions.

We publish the names of our makers, not just the names of designers, because we want to do things differently, to remind ourselves that each Origin product is made by a person who could be a father, a mother, a grandfather or a daughter... something we tend to forget in our consumption-driven culture. Our goal is to foster a deeper sense of closeness between the owner of our object, and the people who made it.